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In 1987 Pekka Herlevi founded Herlevi Tractor Pulling Team, during its history they have won countless championships in the sport where huge horsepower and traditional trailer towing combines. On their “freetime” Herlevi family runs Diesellandia, a company which knows diesel engines better than its own pockets. Nowadays the pulling team is known as Mad Croc Herlevi Pulling Team


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We manufacture special parts for all types of diesel engines, especially AGCO SisuPower, Scania, Volvo, MB. Special plungers for Sigma / Billet pumps including other special parts, P9000-injection pumps with plungers up to 18mm. The Diesellandia also includes turbochargers and parts.


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Besides providing Diesellandia parts we also serve any need for diesel pump service and heavy machinery service. We know most of the heavier engines, trucks, tractors, excavators and so on. Diesel engine tuning and optimization, as well as any other equipment repair or maintenance even for passenger cars.





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15.5 Lidköping – Lidköpings Motorstadion 1A, 53140 Lidköping, Sverige

6.6 Eurocup, Bernay – 934 Chemin de Ferrieres, 27300 Bernay, France

20-21.6 Eurocup, Made – Hollanti Scheerbiesstraat 1, 4845 PL Wagenberg

26-28.6 Showpull, Målilla, Sweden – Målilla Motorstadion, Box 18, SE-570 82 MÅLILLA, SWEDEN

4.7 SM-osakilpailu, Nurmes – Joensuuntie 2, 75530 Nurmes

11.7 Putten NL – Kuiterweg 10, 3882 ND Putten, The Netherlands

18.7 SM-osakilpailu, Tyrnävä – Kankaanlaita 2, 91800 Tyrnävä

25.7 SM-osakilpailu, Kalajoki – Matkailutie 65, 85100 Kalajoki

16.8 SM-osakilpailu, Härmä – Härmäntie 36, 62300 Härmä

7-8.8 Powertruck show – Power park, 62300 Härmä

29.8 Venetsia Drifting, Måttisenkatu 10, 67100 Kokkola

4-5.9 Testipäivä/Testingday – Kalajoen Ravirata, Matkailutie 65, 85100 Kalajoki

12.9 BRANDE (EC) DK – Brande Pulling Arena, Frihedevej 4, 7330 Brande